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​NFL and Oklahoma State University quarterback, Brandon Weeden and his wife, Melanie, have witnessed firsthand the challenges for Oklahoma’s children in need of cardiac care through their friendship with the family of twelve-year-old Gavin. The Weedens created their foundation to endow a chair in pediatric cardiac surgery at Children’s Hospital. This endowment is creating research and financial resources that will help Children’s Hospital continue to grow their already prominent program. Through personal resources and your help, the Weedens continue to grow this endowment.


The funds raised through Brandon Weeden’s Annual Golf Challenge will support Dr. Harold Burkhart, M.D. and the Children’s Heart Center at Children’s Hospital in Oklahoma City.  With your support, the pediatric cardiothoracic surgical program has undergone a tremendous amount of growth in a relatively short period of time.


In the past, the majority of children in Oklahoma who needed heart surgery had to seek cardiac care out of state. Because of your help, Children's Hospital is able to provide the highest of pediatric cardiac care, utilizing a multidisciplinary team of heart specialists, surgical teams with highly specialized operating rooms and the only dedicated pediatric cardiovascular intensive care unit in the state here at the Children’s Hospital of Oklahoma. In addition, they are participating in groundbreaking research allowing them help lead the way in the treatment of pediatric cardiac surgery. 

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